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Screen Cleaning Kit (2oz)

$9.64 KT

Multipurpose Screen Cleaning Kit – 2 fl oz – Anti-static, Non-toxic, Non-alcohol, Ammonia-free, Phosphate-free, Scratch-freeSpray Bottle – 1 Kit

* Anti-static formula prevents attracting dust to keep screen clean longer
* Nontoxic ingredients allow safe use and handling
* Soft microfiber cloth gently removes smudges without scratching
* Perfect for cleaning computer screens, mobile phones, tablets and more


Screen cleaning kit includes everything you need to remove stubborn smudges and gunk from all of your screens. Plant-based, anti-static cleaning spray is nontoxic and does not contain alcohol, ammonia or phosphate for safe handling and use. Plus, its versatile formula can be used to clean glasses and sunglasses for excellent vision. Soft, thick microfiber cloth safely wipes down delicate screens without scratching. Screen cleaning kit is perfect for tablets, phones, smart watches, navigation systems and more.

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