About Us

Ready-Set-Start is the first of it’s kind on the Internet. It is the first website that allows teachers to shop it’s inventory to create a list of exactly what they want their students to have for the new school year. Schools and teachers can go green by sharing their lists on Reay-Set-Start.com. Parents can retrieve their children’s back-to-school supply lists online. With a click of a button, they can fill their shopping cart with the requested supplies and have them shipped directly to their home. In addition to its convenience, schools will receive a 5% cash back reward through Ready-Set-Start’s Give Back Program based on a percentage of net sales.

Ready-Set-Start began as a wish:

“Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a volunteer, I know that Ready-Set-Start will make your back-to-school wishes come true and free up your last few days of summer. I hope the convenience it offers will only be matched by the advantages it creates for your student’s school.”

– Jodi Avis, Founder

Mission Statement

Ready-Set-Start’s mission is to provide a convenient service to community schools, teachers and parents that will simplify the communication and purchase of back-to-school supplies. Through their Give Back Program, Ready-Set-Start hopes to provide community schools the extra funding necessary to service their students and meet their educational goals.

As Jodi started Ready-Set-Start, she was a teacher, a parent and a volunteer.  As all three, she often found herself irritated during back-to-school time and spending a lot of energy wishing for a better way to streamline the purchase of back-to-school supplies.

AS A TEACHER:  Jodi was a High School educator for Business Computers in Texas and Maryland.  During the start of a new school year, she was often frustrated with the supplies that were returned to class.  Incorrect supplies would often lead to conflicts in the classroom, organizational issues and even additional expenses for herself.  As a teacher, Jodi wished for a way to always get the exact supplies requested on her list.

AS A PARENT:  Jodi understands the difficulty of getting the exact supplies requested form a teacher’s list.  She was just one of the many frustrated parents going from store to store and often resorting to shopping online to find the exact supplies requested.  Too much time and gas was wasted making sure her daughter was prepared for her first day of school, all the while, wishing she was at the beach instead enjoying the last few days of summer.  As a parent, she wished for a one-stop-shop where she could easily purchase the exact supplies teachers were requesting for back-to-school.

AS A VOLUNTEER:  As a volunteer for several organizations, including a local public school, Jodi’s time is precious and she is often pulled in many directions. She learned that schools have a need to raise money to pay for things that are not accounted for through state budgets.  They would organize several fundraisers a year to fill this void.  Most fundraisers require a lot of time and energy to organize and carry out.  In some cases, schools need many volunteers to make the fundraiser a success.  As a volunteer, Jodi wished for a fundraiser that was simple and didn’t require the time and effort of volunteers or staff to raise the money needed for schools.

After experiencing all three roles and the frustration related to the Back-To-School Season, Jodi decided it was time to find a solution and a way to grant everyone’s wishes. Ready-Set-Start is a unique solution that will not only provide a convenience to teachers, parents and volunteers, but to the schools and their students. Through Ready-Set-Start’s Give Back Program, schools will receive a 5% reward based on the sales generated through their school.