Although we have alot to say, our process and the benefits from using Ready-Set-Start are very simple. On this page, you will find more information on how we work and easy steps to getting started. You can also find more information about the benefits to using Ready-Set-Start.

3 easy steps!


Taking the first step and registering is easy with Ready-Set-Start! When teachers register online, they are simply adding their school and name to a list of many who would like to provide the convenience that Ready-Set-Start offers to the families they serve. Simply go to the Teacher Registration tab and answer a few simple questions to get started.


Once teachers have registered with Ready-Set-Start, they can now begin adding the supplies they want their students to have at the start of the school year. Teachers will love this unique feature! They can create their back-to-school supply list by adding items from our inventory. Lists can be created for each grade, or teachers have the option to create their own lists specific to their class. Teachers can even add a separate list for each subject or class they may teach.


Now you just need to inform parents of the option to find their teacher’s back-to-school supply lists online at! Parents can easily find their school right from our home page by simply entering in the school’s zip code. They can view list(s) online and simply add its contents by clicking “Add to Cart”. Parents have the option to add multiple lists for multiple students or classes. They can even shop our inventory of supplies for items needed around the house. The best part is…it is all delivered directly to their door.

Have questions?
Please contact us we would love to visit with you about your concerns.


Money for Schools: Ready-Set-Start is proud to give back 5% of the sales that your school generates. We are unique from our competitors since we do not collect funds from parents then passing the money on to you. The money your school receives from Ready-Set-Start is from US to YOU! Ready-Set-Start’s Give Back Program offers a simple fundraiser that does not take time and energy to facilitate. No need to sell door-to-door, solicit or collect money, or distribute products. Plus, there are no upfront costs.

No Fundraiser Administrator Needed : Volunteers will not have to log hours and school administration will not need to use their time when you choose Ready-Set-Start! Simply register your school online. Money and order forms will not need to be collected, counted or turned in. Plus, organizers will not have to handle products or organize distribution of supplies.

No Paperwork : Teachers register themselves and build their class supply list(s). That’s it! No need to fill out and return forms for processing. Once teachers register, they can get started right away!

No Quotes: Organizers will not need to gather grade supply lists and send then in for a quote and approval processing. Once you register your school online, teachers will be able to shop and hand select what supplies they want on their back-to-school lists.

Teachers Get What they Want: Ready-Set-Start allows teachers to search our inventory and select which supplies they would like their students to bring at the beginning of the school year. The teachers select the supplies and parents fill their carts with the exact supplies the teachers are requesting.

No Contracts: There is no minimum order necessary to participate or deadlines necessary to meet.

All Schools: Any school can participate with Ready-Set-Start’s unique online structure. Other companies only offer solutions for Elementary Schools. In addition to Elementary Schools, Ready-Set-Start can accommodate the back-to-school needs of Middle Schools, High Schools and Private Schools.

Simple Communication: Easily communicate school supply lists to parents through our site. Ready-Set-Start offers a range of tools for you to use as you spread the word to parents that they can find their student’s back-to-school supplies listed on our site.

Go Green: You will no longer have to distribute paper supply lists to parents. Your school will save on printing and paper expenses. Simply add a link or badge to your school’s website to help direct parents to the Ready-Set-Start page to get them started.

Last Days of Summer: Parents will no longer have to spend their last few days of summer shopping from store to store searching for the supplies on your child’s back-to-school list. Parents can simply shop online and fill their shopping cart with the list of supplies teachers have already selected and have it delivered to their door!

Save Time and Money: Parents will no longer have to waste gas and time driving from store to store searching for those illusive supplies. In addition, teachers will not have to build their lists each year. With Ready-Set-Start, their lists stay active and are easily editable. Parents can look ahead to see what is needed for years to come.

The Right Supplies: Students return to school with the EXACT supplies their teacher requested.

Name Brand Products: Shop from an extensive inventory which includes name brand products like Crayola, Elmers, BiC and 3M. Our inventory also includes many cost saving generics.

Control Your Order: Other companies don’t even tell you what is in your order. With Ready-Set-Start parents will be able to control their shopping cart. Purchase supplies from multiple teachers for multiple students, edit quantities, and add personal items for their home office all in one order!

No Cut-Off Dates: Back-to-school lists can be filled any time. There are no cut-off dates. Teacher’s lists remain online and are edited throughout the year!