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AAA Batteries

$6.76 PK

Rayovac High Energy Alkaline AAA Batteries – 4 / Pack

* Premium performance perfect for your medium-drain devices
* High-quality materials ensure dependable, long-lasting power
* Mercury-free manufacturing minimizes environmental footprint
* Ready Power technology keeps batteries fresh up to 10 years
* Corrosion inhibitors and ultra-pure materials provide long-term stability

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Power your household with High-energy AAA Alkaline batteries. Engineered for long-lasting use, they are ideal for the high-use devices in your home, including flashlights, wireless mice and remotes. Rayovac rigorously tests its batteries to ensure they do what they say they’ll do – plain and simple. These alkaline AAA batteries are backed by a 10-Year Power Guarantee to last up to 10 years in storage. Each one is made for dependable performance in the devices you use each day so you can count on Rayovac batteries.