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Lg Nitrile Gloves

$7.47 BX

Large Size – Comfortable,  Silicone-free, Textured – 100 / Box

* Medical-grade and chemical-resistant for use in healthcare environments
* Durable and strong enough for demanding applications
* 100% latex-free, allergy-safe nitrile
* Powder-free for easy on/off
* Disposable for easy cleanup
* For Right/Left Hand

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Medical-grade nitrile examination gloves with no powder are the perfect compromise between latex and vinyl. The nitrile is made from an allergy-safe compound that feels a lot like latex, but it’s much stronger and more comfortable to wear. Single-use gloves are not made with natural rubber latex so they are 100 percent latex-free. Nitrile is perfect for demanding applications, especially cleaning and dishwashing. These powder-free gloves go through an extra process of chlorinating the gloves, making it easier to take the gloves on or off. The 3.3 mil thick rolled cuff also helps you pull them on and off and helps prevent liquid from dripping onto your arms or sleeves. Palm thickness is 4.25 mil, and the finger thickness is 5.3 mil. Ambidextrous gloves in size large are textured for a better grip and chemical-resistant for durability.