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Project Paint

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Crayola Washable Project Paint – 6 / Pack

* 6 different bold colors that can easily be blended to create even more hues
* Vibrant hues perfect for creating children’s projects
* Inspires creativity for projects at school or home
* Worry-free and washable for easy cleanup
* Resealable caps to keep paint fresh

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Washable Project Paint is perfect for creating children’s projects, crafts supplies and everyday use. Vibrant, smooth, creamy colors easily blend to create even more hues. Resealable caps ensure paint stays as good as new. School-aged children can get a jump-start on their school projects with this set of bold colors that encourage creativity and fun. These paints inspire young artists while parents remain confident that cleanup will be a breeze when the work is done. This set includes six bold colors: yellow, green, yellow orange, red orange, fuchsia, teal and blue ,violet. Safe and nontoxic, paints are ideal for children ages 3 and up.

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