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Staedtler Eraser

$1.21 EA

Staedtler PVC Free Eraser
2.6″ Width x 0.5″ Height x 0.9″ Depth x – 1 Each – Latex-free, Smudge-free, PVC-free

* Premium-quality construction provides precise, clean results
* Protective sleeve offers convenient handling to keep hands clean
* PVC-free construction is durable for minimal crumbling
* Designed for erasing graphite and erasable colored pencils
* Individually cello wrapped

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Premium-quality, latex-free eraser with a sliding sleeve provides precise, clean, practically residue-free erasing for graphite and erasable, color pencils. PVC-free eraser will not tear paper or smudge pencil marks. Latex-free material allows safe, everyday use.

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